C4 Part Differences

C4 Corvette part design changes over production years

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C4 Corvettes had many changes throughout their production run. Parts changes were frequent and owners in need of replacement parts may wonder which year C4 used the same parts they currently need. Often times this can be confusing to determine.  Few parts were the same over all the years of C4 production, while most parts had multiple design changes from 1984-1996.

These tables are meant to be a quick visual guide that list parts from C4 Corvettes while reflecting for which years a specific part was the same, and for which the part design changed. As you view the table from left to right, a change in the colored circle indicates at what model year there was a change in the design of the specific part.

Understanding the tables

Using the below section as an example, Front Side Marker Lights, used a common design from 1984- 1987 (all red colored circles), the bulb mounting style on the housings was changed starting in 1988 (indicated by a change in the colored circle to yellow). The lights then changed completely with the later front bumpers, making it the 3rd design change of side marker lights for 1991-1996 (indicated with green colored circles).

Color Key


1. The tables do not indicate differences in factory exterior or interior colors options. Attempts are made to reflect differences in automatic and manual transmissions, coupes, convertibles, and certain ZR1 options, while differences resulting from specific options such as Z51, Grand Sports, Anniversary editions, etc… are not included in this overview.

2. Part design differences indicated in these tables do not directly represent part interchangeability and are only meant to reflect orginial design differences. Some parts designs can be successfully applied to other model years than those for which they were initially designed.

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